Tooth Fairy Program

How it works

Our Tooth Fairy Program is available to local daycares, preschools, elementary schools, libraries, and other child-related organizations. These visits include story time read virtually aloud by the Tooth Fairy herself. The books provided are fun, educational story books about brushing your teeth and visiting the dentist, as well as question and answer time.

Following up with your Tooth Fairy Program, each child will be able to take home their own dental goodie bags filled with a toothbrush, toothpaste, and floss. Our Tooth Fairy Program is 100% free to all schools, private and public, and any child-related organization that is interested!

To schedule our Tooth Fairy program, email Please include the name of your school, how many children are in your group, and their age. Once a program is booked, our office will make sure that your school is provided with the correct number of dental goodie bags for each child.